Caloric and rotatory tests helps us determine lateral canal function and on the basis of that we estimate the function of the whole vestibular sense.
Can they help us determine the function of the other parts of vestibular sense?

balance_dizinessSVV Subjective Visual Vertical
Is this test just a reflection of utricular function and/or function of central vestibular pathways also?
How much are otolith organs affected by periferal vestibular pathologies?

vHIT video Head-Impulse Test
By measuring VOR we can test all 6 semicircular canals.
Is this short and simple test adequate replacement for caloric test?

VEMP Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials
Is the response to strong sound stimuli just of saccular origin?
How much latency measurement helps in diagnosing MS?

cDVA computerised Dynamic Visual Acuity
Measuring visual acuity during head movements represents quick and non-expensive test for assesing vestibular function and compensation at patients with vestibular deficit.