Dear colleagues,

Our knowledge about vestibular system and pathological processes afecting it’s function is gradually increasing. New diagnostic entities emerge like superior canal dehiscence syndrome and vestibular migraine, new diagnostic tests implements in clinical practice and terapeutical approach is also expanding.

At previous seminar, held in September 2011 we put an accent to new terapeutical methods in vestibular medicine, mostly intratympanic therapy in inner ear diseases and different canal repositioning maneuvers in treating different forms of BPPV (canalo- and cupulolithiasis)

Examining the patient with vertigo and dizziness was always a challenge. Performing vestibular tests and correctly interpret the results in accordance with patient’s symptoms, allows us to diferentiate periferal from central vestibular damage and also to localise the pathological process and get to wright diagnosis.

Lately the new diagnostic tests emerged, which help us in gethering more information about functioning of vestibular sense and pathways. The aim of this one – day seminar is to explain the main principles of these tests and the way of correct performing and interpreting of the results. Because of that we gathered eminent experts in this field to give a lecture and in practical part of the course to demonstrate how to correctly perform in clinical practice.

It’s my honor to invite you to participate in one-day seminar – New diagnostics in neurootology,

Dr Dušan Pavlović
President of Serbian society of Otology and Audiology